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From: Emery Hemingway <ehmry@posteo•net>
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Subject: Re: [EN] NNCP 8.1.0 release announcement
Date: Mon, 17 Jan 2022 21:07:44 +0000	[thread overview]
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The Yggdrasil feature came at an ideal time for me, last week I was
trying to setup a relay in a container without TUN permissions (so no
local Yggdrasil node) and no access to a 300:/8 gateway.

I only started with the Yggdrasil feature today, but sticking with µTP
sounds fine to me. Yggdrasil almost always tunneled through TCP anyway.
Configuration of the embedded node and neighbors could use some
improvements, but I think compatibility between nodes using embedded
Yggdrasil and naïve TCP/IP nodes can wait until we get more experience.
There are other protocols that could be tunnelled through Yggdrasil, so
what to do is an open question that isn't limited to NNCP.

Something worth mentioning is that Yggdrasil network can be crawled and
the NNCP nodes discovered. The fix to keep NNCP private is to bind the
daemon to an 300:…/64 address that is routed though Yggdrasil gateway.
A Yggdrasil node can be passively discovered but to find the 300:…/64
addresses being it takes active enumeration.

Also, thanks for the missing "self" fix. With that I hope to upstream
the NNCP NixOS module soon.


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