PyDERASN 7.3 release announcement

From: Sergey Matveev <stargrave_at_domain.hidden>
Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2020 11:03:55 +0300
Message-ID: <20200218080355.GA44278_at_domain.hidden>
I am pleased to announce PyDERASN 7.3 release availability!

PyDERASN is free software pure Python ASN.1 DER/BER library.

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The main improvements for that release are:

* SEQUENCE/SET fully performs default value existence validation in
  evgen mode, by the cost of DEFAULTed value full decoding. That should
  not be the problem, as DEFAULTs are relatively small in practice. Now
  evgen mode has the same DER validation strictness as an ordinary one

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PyDERASN'es home page is:

Source code and its signature for that version can be found here: (351 KiB)

SHA256 hash: 9D304A2D 0BE49ABF 72D3046C 26B7F0B1 69619412 63FEB6DD 41613811 4B2A4B9E
GPG key: 2ED6 C846 3051 02DF 5B4E  0383 04A9 33D1 BA20 327A
         PyDERASN releases <pyderasn at cypherpunks dot ru>

pip'es requirements file:

    pyderasn==7.3 --hash=sha256:599aaf163bf2004300373a34ae36bc62c466c7151f327bede765b15faa9e295b
    six==1.14.0 --hash=sha256:236bdbdce46e6e6a3d61a337c0f8b763ca1e8717c03b369e87a7ec7ce1319c0a

Please send questions regarding the use of PyDERASN, bug reports and patches
to mailing list:

Sergey Matveev (
OpenPGP: CF60 E89A 5923 1E76 E263  6422 AE1A 8109 E498 57EF

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