[nncp-devel] [EN] NNCP 2.0 release announcement

From: Sergey Matveev <stargrave_at_domain.hidden>
Date: Sat, 30 Dec 2017 12:56:56 +0300
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I am pleased to announce NNCP 2.0 release availability!

NNCP (Node to Node copy) is a collection of utilities simplifying
secure store-and-forward files and mail exchanging.

This utilities are intended to help build up small size (dozens of
nodes) ad-hoc friend-to-friend (F2F) statically routed darknet networks
for fire-and-forget secure reliable files, file requests and Internet
mail transmission. All packets are integrity checked, end-to-end
encrypted (E2EE), explicitly authenticated by known participants public
keys. Onion encryption is applied to relayed packets. Each node acts
both as a client and server, can use push and poll behaviour model.

Out-of-box offline sneakernet/floppynet, dead drops, sequential and
append-only CD-ROM/tape storages, air-gapped computers support. But
online TCP daemon with full-duplex resumable data transmission exists.

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The main improvements for that release are:

* *Incompatible* encrypted/eblob packet format changes. Older versions
  are not supported.
* Twofish encryption algorithm is replaced with ChaCha20. It is much
  more faster. One cryptographic primitive less.
* HKDF-BLAKE2b-256 KDF algorithm is replaced with BLAKE2Xb XOF. Yet
  another cryptographic primitive less (assuming that BLAKE2X is nearly
  identical to BLAKE2).

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NNCP's home page is: http://www.nncpgo.org/
Also available as I2P service:

Source code and its signature for that version can be found here:

    http://www.nncpgo.org/download/nncp-2.0.tar.xz (986 KiB)

SHA256 hash: BEF31B13 FB25381E A511FB77 067798AB 27409238 BDF5600F E2EADB29 E5E78996
GPG key ID: 0x2B25868E75A1A953 NNCP releases <releases_at_domain.hidden>
Fingerprint: 92C2 F0AE FE73 208E 46BF  F3DE 2B25 868E 75A1 A953

Please send questions regarding the use of NNCP, bug reports and patches
to mailing list: https://lists.cypherpunks.ru/pipermail/nncp-devel/

Sergey Matveev (http://www.stargrave.org/)
OpenPGP: CF60 E89A 5923 1E76 E263  6422 AE1A 8109 E498 57EF

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