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From: John Goerzen <jgoerzen@complete•org>
Subject: Question on nncp-rm
Date: Wed, 09 Mar 2022 08:09:06 -0600	[thread overview]
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First, thanks for 8.7.1 Sergey!

I have a question on nncp-rm.

I just realized that my old scripts that were using find to delete old
'*.seen' files were no longer working because now they're 'seen/*'
files.  So I thought I'd try nncp-rm.

Question #1:

I want to keep seen files for only 7 days.  I tried:

nncp-rm -all -older 7d -seen

Unfortunately, that deleted ALL -seen files, not just the ones that are
older than 7 days.  How can I just delete the ones older than 7 days?

Question #2:

What does -area do exactly?  It says just "seen" files in area subdirs;
are those the only files that would be there, or might there be others?

Question #4:

With nncp-rm -tmp, does it (or should it) also respect -older?  So
nncp-rm -tmp -older 7d should be safe?  (and it wouldn't need -all)

Question #5:

If I got -older working, then I think a full maintenance (clearing out
cruft but not packets) would look like this:

for TYPE in part seen hdr area; do
   nncp-rm -all -older 7d -$TYPE
nncp-rm -tmp -older 7d

Does that sound right?


- John

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