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* [Govpn-devel] [EN] GoVPN 5.0 release announcement
@ 2016-01-06 17:45 stargrave
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I am pleased to announce GoVPN 5.0 release availability!

GoVPN is simple free software virtual private network daemon, aimed to
be reviewable, secure, DPI/censorship-resistant, written on Go.

It uses fast strong passphrase authenticated key agreement protocol with
augmented zero-knowledge mutual peers authentication (PAKE DH A-EKE).
Encrypted, authenticated data transport that hides message's length and
timestamps. Optional encryptionless mode, that still preserves data
confidentiality. Perfect forward secrecy property. Resistance to:
offline dictionary attacks, replay attacks, client's passphrases
compromising and dictionary attacks on the server side. Built-in
heartbeating, rehandshaking, real-time statistics. Ability to work
through UDP, TCP and HTTP proxies. IPv4/IPv6-compatibility.
GNU/Linux and FreeBSD support.


The main improvements for that release are:

* New optional encryptionless mode of operation.
  Technically no encryption functions are applied for outgoing packets,
  so you can not be forced to reveal your encryption keys or sued for
  encryption usage.
* MTUs are configured on per-user basis.
* Simplified payload padding scheme, saving one byte of data.
* Ability to specify TAP interface name explicitly without any
  up-scripts for convenience.
* govpn-verifier utility also can use EGD.

Notable summary changes since 4.0 release:

* Encryptionless mode noted above.
* Argon2d, the Password Hashing Competition (
  winner is used instead of PBKDF2.
* Overall server-side configuration simplifications.


GoVPN's home page is: (
also available as Tor hidden service: http://vabu56j2ep2rwv3b.onion/govpn/

Source code and its signature for that version can be found here: (237 KiB)

SHA256 hash: cc186a3b800279b6f5a7c86d61b250c24cf97235f6c3e1bb05a6cb60251085c6
GPG key ID: 0xF2F59045FFE2F4A1 GoVPN release signing key
Fingerprint: D269 9B73 3C41 2068 D8DA  656E F2F5 9045 FFE2 F4A1

Please send questions regarding the use of GoVPN, bug reports and patches
to mailing list:

Happy hacking, Sergey Matveev

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